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    Outsource Your IT Management and/or Services Today and Begin Saving

    Businesses today depend on PCs, e-mail, internet access and network systems to support their everyday operations.  And we believe that all of these should function flawlessly.   Computers should help streamline your business, allow you to communicate more effectively and do everything faster.

    However, it is a fact that computers, servers and networks do break and/or become obsolete.  Don't lose your critical information and productivity associated with system downtime.  We are here to help! We can proactively find and fix small issues on your systems BEFORE they become catastrophic. In addition, we offer backup solutions for your computers, servers and information so it is safe in case of hardware failure. We can also protect your computers and networks so they are secure from unwanted hackers and viruses.

    Having cost effective IT solutions and technical support is essential for businesses to succeed in today's economy.

    With more than 30 years of experience we can handle all of your network and computer problems, upgrades, repairs and PC help needs.

    We have local coverage in both Western Massachusetts and Connecticut.

    When you outsource your IT management to TJD Consulting, you get:

    Certified Expert Consultants – For everything from PC, server, and network troubleshooting to new software rollouts and disaster recovery.

    24x7 Technical Support - We provide onsite or remote support when you do have a problem.

    Data loss prevention - We can backup & secure your computers, servers, networks.

    Why outsourcing your IT management works:

    We can become your local IT department, a one stop solution. We provide everything you can get from a full-time employee, without the added overhead.  With all of the technologies available today, it is difficult for an in-house computer staff to handle ALL technologies

    (e-mail, servers, networking, backups, etc...)

    That is why outsourcing all or part of your IT services makes sense. We save you money by providing you with help only when you need it. Call us today at 413-427-2417. You will receive a FREE no obligation estimate of our services and packages, or contact us using our online quote page.



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